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It's time you got paid to tell a better story about yourself.

Hi, we're Kam and Karla Snow

Kam Snow is the founder of My Story Economy. He spent 3 years as the lead copywriter for Scott Oldford, while also writing for other online influencers like Sunny Lenarduzzi, BossBabe, and ClickFunnels.

After helping his clients generate over $10M in revenue, he realized that there's actually only 7 stories you need to completely sell out your offers with perfect-fit clients.

Now, he help coaches, consultants and strategists build their Story Economy to scale their content without losing intimacy so they can attract more of their ideal clients.

Karla Snow is the co-founder of My Story Economy. Before coming into the online space, she worked with at-risk teens who’d been rescued from sex trafficking. When that ended, she came on board as the core team member for a 7-figure online coaching business that served fitpros and was a core part of scaling that business to multi-7 figures.

Now, she helps entrepreneurs leverage the Story Economy to rewrite the stories of their lives in order to show up and get to the next level in their business. She’s also passionate about helping women with invisible disabilities gain their voice as she also lives with multiple auto-immune conditions and chronic pain while still living a life she loves.


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