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The Story Economy Coaching Programs

We offer a wide range of coaching programs and products to help entrepreneurs grow their business and produce marketing content that converts into sales. 

We run workshops, intensives, and programs (as well as the occasional live event). 

The Story Incubator: You’re 3 Posts Away from Your Next Client

This is our signature intensive program for storytellers, coaches, and consultants who want to get visible, and secure their next client with just 3 posts.

This program includes 30 days access to support with calls and community, as well as the step-by-step system to start attracting clients on Facebook and email.

You also get the prompts & templates you need to start creating content and attracting clients.

You get: 


🔥 The “Authority Economy Offer Training”: how to identify your best, most profitable offer and use that as a tool to refine WHO you want to attract

🔥4 Weeks of Group Coaching with Kam to extract and launch your 3 post sequence to land your next client

🔥Email Templates and Trainings to help you get your unique message into copy that converts

🔥Voxer group for community, support, and shenanigans

The Story Incubator is a $1,500 investment for 30 days. 


Story Launch Accelerator

Tired of losing out on clients because you just can’t seem to get yourself to show up online? Does it feel like you’re leaving money on the table because your content isn’t working (or you’re just showing up to it at all?)

If you want to craft your signature offer that enrolls clients into your high ticket program…and you want to build a business that feels SO GOOD because it’s the exact expression of everything you love doing…

Then the Story Launch Accelerator will help you craft, launch, and monetize your offer while selling it with stories from the heart that touch your audience deep in their soul.

This program is a $7,000 investment for 90 days. 


Leads for a Lifetime (Personalized 1:1)

If you have an offer that’s already validated, and sold multiple times…then you likely are running up against the limits of your time and energy.

Leads for a Lifetime is about building a sustainable marketing system that draws on your stories to enroll clients effortlessly and automatically.

We get into the nitty-gritty of your business to find the most profitable offers (that are likely already sitting unused on your Google drive), and position them to help your audience get the results they wants. And then come back, hungry for more.

Leads for a Lifetime is a personalized, customized 1:1 coaching program.

The investment ranges anywhere from $18k to $60k for 12 months and the program is by application only. 

You can apply here.